Free form posts from us… this blog post is an open forum & a place for you to say what is on your mind.  Any topic goes from how we as a species impact our natural world through our architectural footprint to our population footprint & all of its implications.  How do you feel about aesthetics… what works for you visually in any medium? How do you see the future in built & conceptual design? What other related topics do you want to bring up as a discussion? My role will be to make sure the conversations stay respectful & also to see about adding permanent blog topics that are intriguing as an ongoing discussion.  The built environment from structures & how they interact with the surrounding immediate & larger environment and their impact is just a possible start point to a range of larger discussions that can have many POVs.  


My particular passion is Mother Earth & how we as a species should learn to coexist with our natural environment, rather than dominate it in an overpopulated ruthless manner.  I am fascinated by the difference between humans who are truly humbled & connected to our organic world in all its manifestations versus those who live without considering what their footprint is.  As the human race inevitably grows in numbers beyond any natural boundaries, how can we protect what is left of the natural world… from us? This is a big picture issue that needs an urgent solution.  How do you inform a species that should know better that having more than two children per family is bad for us as a collective? How do you tell a country like the U.S.A. that it way overuses natural resources on just about every level.  How do we get us to invest in a sustainable future when we have become so focused on only near term material success?  It is as though we need to posit a new values system that we can all agree on that subordinates the individual to the greater good… how un-amerikan!


Here are some groups & organizations that, in essence, represent my values, from radical to more mainstream…



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